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March 18 2017

Carbon Monoxide sends 4000 people to A&E each year

“You’re the first engineer to strip the boiler down”


Pictures below of an old back boiler. We were asked to carry out an annual landlords safety certificate (CP12)

As Craig started to remove the fire to access the boiler the tenant said he had live there since 2003 and nobody had ever done this. The boiler was in a dangerous state and due to lack of servicing was at the end of its life.

The heat pad to the side had broken in half and fallen onto the burner causing the flame to impinge

The front heat pads were also broken and the metal casing had cracked from the heat

The cast iron heat exchanger had also started to crumble

Due to the air filter being blocked causing a lack of oxygen to the burner the appliance would have been giving high levels of carbon monoxide

This will eventually cause the heat exchanger to block with carbon deposits

Once blocked the products of combustion need to go somewhere…. into the living room

The tenant didn’t have a CO alarm installed

Boiler isolated to make safe and a new combination boiler installed


CO is the silent killer, Invisible, tasteless and odourless 




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