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Water Softening


Water Softening Information

If you can’t taste the difference in water you are not drinking enough 

The installation of a water softener is the only way to remove 100% of limescale from your water. These units are worth their weight in gold as many plumbing & heating repairs are scale related. 

When water is heating above 60 degrees the scale separates from the water at an accelerated rate. Plated gets exchangers in combination boilers and electric showers are affected greatly from this 

Another way scale separates from water is evaporation. This causes issues with toilet cisterns, shower heads and even the dreaded glass shower screen

Other advantages are saving on descaling agents for your dishwasher and washing machine. Soaps suds work far more efficiently in softened water. 

The water feels nice on your skin and saves you time cleaning showers, taps and shower screens

We offer a free of charge softener demonstration at your property. 

We come along with a dummy unit so you can see exactly what you are getting

We run your water through a small softener unit to show you the differences.

90% of our customers purchase a softener following a demonstration 

Liam & Craig from our team were invited to Harvey Water softeners to become an approved agent. They were both sceptical of softeners knowing the wool couldn’t be pulled over their eyes.

Following the course they both purchased softeners for their own homes and are happy with the results. Maybe to reduce the risk of repairs at home aye boys

Why our softener over the others?….

Our softeners are powerless, this means they are cheaper to install as no socket required. This also makes them more efficient and more reliable 

Many softeners use a computer to regenerate. This problem with this is they sometimes regenerate before they are due or even worse when they are overdue meaning your water could still contain limescale. Ours use a water meter and only regenerate when they need to

Single cylinder water softeners cannot produce softened water when they are regenerating. Ours have a twin cylinder, they use a gearbox so while one is regenerating the other is still softening 

They are block salt rather and granules, this is easier to load, cleaner and lighter to carry. We also stock the salt for you.


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