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August 05 2018
water softener

Special Offer Ends 30th September £200 OFF!

We are currently running a summer special offer on top of the range Harvey water softeners

These water softeners have a twin cylinder unit allowing them to soften water 100% of the time

They are powerless so no need to plug into a nearby socket, this makes them more efficient and with the use of a gearbox only regenerating the cells when required

They are block salt rather than granules making them easy to refill. Cleaner too!

Guaranteed to give 100% soft water at all times.


Guaranteed to save you money on household products such as descaling chemicals (Calgon) Use much 1/3 of soap and shampoo

Avoid scale related service calls such as scaled heat exchangers on boilers, Replacement showers and replacement taps and toilet spares

Fed up of cleaning limescale off your shower screen or taps? 

Over 90% of customers who have one of our free of charge demonstrations at their property go on to purchase a softener and recommend them to friends and family. 


Give Lorraine a call on 01202 923030 to book your free of charge demonstration

Or drop us an email at office@hollandgas.co.uk

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